Biogas has continued to grow as a next-generation energy source it is a clean

AIRRANE is a leading pioneer of innovative membrane solution technology for gas separation. From hollow fiber membrane production to the design, manufacturing and servicing of membrane modules and separation system, AIRRANE’s goal is to serve as your one-stop provider of advanced membrane technology for gas separation. Gas separation membranes are very fine hollow fibers through which different mixtures of gases are fed. As the gases travel through the tubes, a process called selective permeation allows us to separate gases.

At a closer look, gas separation membrane, the wall of each of these micro-thin hollow fibers, is an asymmetric filter made of various types of polymer. As different gases travel through the fiber, they come into contact with the membrane and permeate through it. The permeation rate of each gas is determined by its solubility in the membrane material and its diffusion rate. Gases with higher solubility and smaller molecules (fast gases) can pass through the membrane faster than other less soluble gases with generally larger molecules (slow gases).

Nitrogen Generation Nitrogen is the most widely used gas in industries; its versatile application ranges from blanketing and inverting to explosion protection. On-Board Inert Gas Generation System (OBIGGS) protects fuel tanks on aircrafts and ships from the risk of fuel vapor explosion by replacing with nitrogen. On-Board Inert Gas Generation System Korea

  • Fuel tank inverting : OBIGGS
  • Shipboard inverting (FPSO, FLNG, LNG Carrier)
  • Chemical processing
  • Simple operation and low maintenance requirements
  • Iron/aluminum/copper production and metals processing
  • Tire inflation

Biogas has continued to grow as a next-generation energy source; it is a clean, renewable alternative to natural gas for gas grid, power generation, or even motor fuel. Usually obtained from the anaerobic digestion of organic matters at waste processing plants and landfill sites, biogas requires additional refinement to increase the concentration of methane (CH4). AIRRANE’s membrane separation technology offers a cost-effective solution with high methane recovery rate which makes biogas an efficient and affordable source of renewable energy.

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