BST stem cell material development technology to materialize high concentration bio-active from stem cell division

BST is a bio venture enterprise who has been researching and developing from various eco-friendly biological material to functional ones. Its laboratory is mainly studying stem cell materials, functional substances, natural and bio ones, food and drug safety, convergence development technology of Nano materials, biological (skin) effects evaluation technology against bioactive substances.

Natural Property to Effectively Get Rid of Acne:

Basic (Product) Description:

Superb in removing acne with the chamaecyparis obtuse leaf extract as its main ingredient. -The anti-acne effect has been confirmed by clinical trial validations and listed on the journal of dermatology.

Product Features:

Product efficacy improvement taking advantage of the organism conversion manufacturing process. -Restriction of the growth of Pvale. The virus that causes acne (Double greater than the tea tree oil). -Physiological activity and synergy effects by complex prescription of the extract. Natural Slow Cosmetic Product Manufacturer Korea

Ingredients Description

BCX-D -Chamaecyparis obtuse leaf extract, Cordyceps sinensis extract. Lactobacillus ferment

Chamaecyparis obtuse leaf extract ChameeCYParls Obtus4 Leal ExtraCI. Anti-dandruff, Antioxidant. Skin lightening effects

Cordyceps sinensis extract Cordyceps Sinensis Antibacterial activity. Anti-inflammatory. Extract Skin regenerating effects

Lactobacillus ferment. Anti-inflammatory effects. Anli-Ferment aging effects

Instruction to Apply


Chamaecyparis Obtuse Leaf Extract

Cordyceps Sinensis Extract

Lactobacillus Ferment

Recommended Density 2%

Preservation & Expiration Date

It is recommended that the product be stored in a space at room temperature away from direct sunlight. The expiration date is 2 years from the manufacturing date. The product will maintain potency up to I year after it is unsealed.


Development of Stem cell materials

It is BST stem cell material development technology to materialize high concentration bio-active substances secreting from stem cell division. With performing research and development of adipocyte stem cells as national project, it has acquired technology that enables mass production of high concentration cytokine of culture liquid to skin cell. At the same time, it has proved that there were anti-aging, wrinkle improvement, anti-atopy, anti-inflammatory effect, whitening effect. Furthermore, we have a technology to separate and refine multi-functional bio-active substances at more high-purity than existing natural extract materials by means of technical skills to mass culture plant origin stem cells.

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