Top Five Meaningful Tattoo Designs for Men & Women

Tattoo is a form of body art that helps people to enhance their style statement. In addition, it also helps to reflect someone’s personality. Due to this reason individuals are always recommended to choose a meaningful tattoo design. It will help them to express their personality. Continue reading to know about the five best and meaningful tattoo designs that both men and women can choose for getting a new tattoo.

  1. The Zen Circle

This incomplete circle is also known as Enso, and it represents the entire universe. The circle looks graceful and elegant when painted in black. Individuals can also opt for brown ink and experiment a little.

  1. Butterflies

This is a great design that looks amazing on women. However, men can also choose this if a butterfly signifies their personality. It represents beauty, rebirth, change and even metamorphosis. A butterfly has different meanings in different countries. For example, The Japanese believe that a butterfly stands for someone’s soul. On the other hand, when it comes to China, two butterflies stand for love.

Butterfly tattoo looks good in both black and multicolour. You can also opt for a realistic butterfly tattoo. Here you have to understand the fact that not all the artists have the ability to accomplish a realistic butterfly tattoo successfully. But if you are planning to get one, then visit the best tattoo studio in Gold Coast as well as in the other areas according to your preference. In the best tattoo studio, you will manage to find the best tattoo artist who will help you to get a realistic butterfly tattoo.

  1. Glyphs

This is a Greek symbol that looks better when tiny. Glyphs stand for ‘to explore’. It reminds us of the journey of life and encourages people to never stop exploring. This is type tattoo generally looks good in black and brown ink.

  1. Zodiac Signs

Zodiac signs represent the personality and destiny of individuals. So, people who believe in the concept of zodiac signs should definitely opt for this idea.

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  1. Roses

It is a popular floral design that looks excellent on women. Roses of different colours signify different things. For example, a red rose symbolises passion, love, beauty etc. On the other hand, black roses stand for loss or death. When it comes to white roses, it stands for innocence. According to your preference, you can opt for a rose tattoo of any colour. This type of tattoos also looks good in a realistic form. But one should visit the best tattoo studio in Gold Coast in order to get a realistic rose tattoo.

So, these are the top five meaningful tattoo designs that both men and women can choose. Hope the post was helpful and you have enjoyed reading it.

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